Hello iPhone

A few days after the iPhone 3G was announced I sold my first gen iPhone for much more than it was worth, the best part is I sold it with my contract… Now I have no plan to return to AT&T as their service is crap and they have no coverage in Nebraska, but I do miss having an iPhone or an iPod touch.

I’ve been considering getting an iPod touch for the past few weeks, but have been holding off. Well today I found a first gen 8GB iPhone available for $100, dang sweet deal! I’m hopefully gonna take a look at it tomorrow and if it’s in good condition I’ll purchase it.

Now I can spend all the money I saved on apps in the App Store.

Pixar: Up

Pixar debuted the trailer for their new film Up yesterday, looks odd.

The hero of the film is a 78-year-old man named Carl Fredricksen, who walks around hunched over with a tripod cane. When he was a kid he met a girl named Ellie, who grew up in small midwestern town. The two fell in love and eventually got married. Her dream was always to explore the world and visit paradise falls, but as usually happens, life got in the way. They were never able to make good on their promise, and Ellie eventually passed away. Now Carl is a widower living alone in his small home. Developers are threatening to move him into an old folks home.


Life is bigger then you

Tonight I attended a cancer fundraiser called ‘Relay for Life’. It was held at the local collage and minor league baseball park. From 7 PM to 7 AM hundreds of people affected by cancer walked, talked, laughed, and cried; sharing memories as they traversed the candle lit path around the field.

Each candle was housed in a white paper bag with the name of a cancer victim or survivor on it. Some had inspirational phrases and pictures of the person, others just said “Mom”, or “Grandpa”. There were hundreds upon hundreds of these luminaries, and the feeling of walking past them was profoundly moving. Every point of light represented someones parent, sibling, spouse, or friend. And for every bag that said “In support of”, or “Survivor”, there were 3 more that said “In memory of”, or “In honor of”. Someone had put a sign out in left field. It simply said, “Hope.”

Walking along this path illuminated by the countless memorials to battles won and lost, it made me consider how small my perspective of life really is. I’ve had relatives die to cancer, but no one really close to me. Standing there I was surrounded by hundreds of reminders that life is so much bigger then what I experience every day. Life is a precious commodity that we–especially collage students like myself–so easily take for granted. And yet at an event where there is so much loss, and should be so much sorrow, hope still burns bright in the hearts of all the husbands and wives, sisters and brothers, moms and dads, and grandpas and grandmas.

Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.

59 MPG

I’ve been tracking my mileage on my new toy and even though I’m still in the break-in period (first 600 miles, which I should surpass later today) I’m getting excellent gas mileage. My first tank was a measly 41 MPG, my second 58 MPG, and my third tank 59 MPG, that’s a healthy 52.99 MPG average.

Now from what I’ve read and the people I’ve talked too, supposedly the mileage improves after the break-in period… which would be sweet, though I’m not really expecting it too.

p.s. I filled up for $10.23 the other day, eat that world.

Like Clockwork

Apple announced their excellent earnings for this last quarter yesterday, and of course the stock started a predictable downward slide.

It happens every earnings call, Apple goes conservative on the next quarters guidance and Wall Street freaks. Hello! They do this every time! Big deal, everyone knows they’re going to blow away that guidance, so why freak out?

Anyhow, this an excellent opportunity to pick up some discounted Apple shares.