Aurora Feint Updated!

This news is a couple days old, but for the sake of history I’ll review it.

Aurora Feint’s long awaited (like, four days awaited) update arrived, bringing with it a few noticable changes.

– The last fire mastery puzzle, Molton Lava, has been retuned to become 100% less impossible. I did it on my first try.
– It’s now a lot harder to rack up obscene amounts of resouces and money by just spinning the iPod/iPhone during the mining game, but not impossible. Out of the ten or so sessions I played I managed to get the big multiplyers (20x-25x) once just by flipping the system rapidly.
– If you had any trouble with the smithing game before, you are completely screwed now. The resource requirements on several of the recipes have doubled or tripled with this latest update, making it a LOT harder to manufacture upgrades. My guess is that this is the devs way of telling us to learn to play their game.

The Olympics are in full swing

In no other time of the year would I watch tennis, archery, swimming, weightlifting, and gymnastics. And yet with non-stop Olympic coverage I’ve been doing just that. USA leads China in the medal count, and I expect that to remain true throughout the events. Watching the USA basketball team play China kind of summed everything up for me.

In other news, Russia has captured the Georgian capital of Gori today, in a move that splits the country in half, no doubt further hampering any hope of slowing down the Russian advance while the U.N decides whether or not to intervene. Georgia’s government websites have been under DoS attacks since the war started, not that it matters a whole lot.

Go Team USA!

I got mentioned on 1UP Yours

Well, my question did anyway.

Once a month’s 1Up Yours podcast runs a segment called 4 Minute Warning. A couple days before the podcast is recorded Garnett Lee starts a thread on the 1Up boards and allows users to submit questions. Out of the dozens of questions submitted, a handful are selected and given four minutes a piece to be dissected and discussed by the 1Up Yours crew.

Lucky me, my question got read.

I asked why the iPhone was continually equated with mainstream handhelds like the DS and PSP. The 1UP crew agreed that the iPhone has sold a crapload of hardware, and when some really good games were released that would mature as a gaming system.

My opinion still stands. Steve jobs doesn’t care about gaming, and Apple won’t invest any serious effort into making the iPhone a gaming platform until a third party developer makes a game that not only sells like crazy, but performs in a way that shows the iPhone can do things the PSP and DS can’t do.

If I get crazy motivated I’ll post a transcript of my question and their answers. Stay tuned.