Trying Twitter for the first time

I never got into the microblogging craze when it first started, in fact I didn’t even know what Twitter was until I heard someone talking about the latest Twitter wannabe. After hearing my favorite podcast hosts talk about all the Twittering they did, I decided to give it a try. So far I’m pretty neutral to the whole concept. I can see how it’d be fun if all my friends did it, but Twittering to myself is pretty lame. Aaron, did you ever get an account and keep it?

    Passive Income – July 2008

    In July I bought my scooter, so there went most of my interest earning cash (but I’ve saved $150 dollars on gas for the month!), I also don’t have any CDs left to pay out interest. So pretty much a bust interest wise. My earnings from AdSense were rather meager as well, most likely my own fault since I barely posted at all during July.

    August will be the real trick, as I’ll be on vacation, which cuts out a good portion of those credit card rewards from work related purchases.

    • Interest: $28.17
    • Dividends: $56.83
    • Credit Card Rewards: $30.59
    • AdSense: $10.34
    • Text Ads: $25.00
    • Surveys: $6.00
    • Misc. website income: $30.00

    Netting a solid $186.93, nothing to sneeze at, but a little short of June’s total.

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