Decipher 1.0 Released!

Happy day! Late last night Apple approved Decipher and it is now available for download from the App Store.

Decipher is based off the classic puzzle game Mastermind, and the objective of the game is to guess the color pattern hidden at the top of the screen. There’s already an update with GUI improvements pending, naturally it’s a free update for everyone who buys version 1.0.

[ Download Decipher ]

Feedback is welcome. You can either comment here or send an email to aaron [at] hijinksinc [dot] com

Win a free copy of Fall Down Forever!

Apple finally approved Fall Down Forever, and it’s now on sale for the outrageously high price of $0.99. Crazy big money, I know.

Well here’s your chance to save those precious pennies! Just follow me on Twitter, then send me a Tweet with what you’ll be spending that $0.99 you just saved on. Easy enough, right?

Winner will be chosen randomly. Contest is open until Friday, the 27th (12:01AM CST).

First iPhone Game

Our first iPhone game will be hitting the app store in the next two weeks, it’s super basic, but for starting with no prior knowledge of Cocoa, I think it’s alright.

Stay tuned for further details, and of course, a chance to win a free copy of our game!

p.s. This whole process is hinged on Apple actually approving our app. Minor detail.

Quake Live Invites

In case you’ve been living under a rock, or spending too much time playing WoW, ID Software has decided to bring back some classic Quake action as a free browser based FPS. Enter Quake Live.

It’s currently in beta, but for three lucky people I’ve got invites to join the fun. However, you’ll have to be running Windows, since neither Mac or Linux is supported at this point.

First three people to email me at aaron [ at ] get the invites.