Notecard Defense v1.0.1

Version 1.0.1 of Notecard Defense is now in review and should be out by early April. It includes a high score function, improved memory management, and minor fixes for improved stability.

Please note that scores are only added to the high scores list if you beat the game. Currently I haven’t heard from anyone who has beat the game, so please leave a comment if you’ve managed to beat the game!

Notecard Defense Update

A few people have sent me emails asking what’s planned for future versions of Notecard Defense.

What we’re hoping to add is more upgrades, such as one time use weapons that can be triggered by shaking the device. As well as new animations for when the stick figures start attacking the castle, new castles, updated background graphics, and a high score system.

These are just some of the updates we’re planning, but you can expect to see the first update hitting the app store in early April.

Notecard Defense Released

Apple showed us some love and approved Notecard Defense in record time!

The official Notecard Defense promotional blurb (thanks to Fred):

Notecard Defense is a frantically fast paced game that requires quick reflexes and steely determination. The only thing standing between the castle and a horrible, hand-drawn death is you.

[ Download Notecard Defense ]

p.s. First person to read this and send me an @ reply on Twitter saying “Will you rock my face off” gets a free copy!