iPad Preorders to go Live March 2nd?

Word on the street is that Apple might open up preorders for the iPad as soon as March 2nd.

Which would be pretty great, but there’s been no sign of the iPad being approved by the FCC yet.

If this rumor is true, only the WiFi version would be up for preorder, since the 3G equipped version is slated to release 30 days after the WiFi only model.

Pogo Sketch

Last week I bought a Pogo Sketch from TenOneDesign, which worked great for signature capture on the iPhone (as I mentioned in my earlier post), at least until I put in my pocket. Then it broke. Whoops.

Really it was only the clip that broke off, but still it was rather disappointing. And it didn’t present a very professional image while using it for business transactions. Annoyed, but feeling somewhat passive aggressive, I decided to tweet a picture of it and the next day I found a response waiting for me from TenOneDesign offering me a new Pogo Sketch, now that’s good customer service! Kudos to Peter at TenOne for hooking me up.

Good news is, the new Pogo Sketch hasn’t broken yet, and the clip seems studier than the last one. So I’m chalking it up to a defect.

Now the Sketch does take a little getting used to, you have to apply a decent amount of pressure to get it to register on the iPhone screen, but none of my clients seemed to have a problem.  All in all, for the $11 I paid, it’s a great deal. Really convenient for using your iPhone with gloves on, and it allows for much finer touch control and while I’m not exactly the artistic type, it seems like the perfect fit for those who like to doodle on their iPhones.

Go buy one folks. It works on most every touch screen phone too.

Mobile Credit Card Processing with Swipe

As I’m still waiting to hear back from Square about getting into their beta, and still waiting for Mophie to announce pricing for marketplace (which might not ship, as it’s disappeared from their website since posting this originally), I’ve decided to give Swipe from AppNinja’s a try.

Keep in mind that I’ve only been using it for a couple days now, so I’ll probably have more to add at a later date.

[ The Good ]
Super clean interface that makes manually entering a transactions a breeze, it also makes good use of your existing contact lists to quickly populate additional receipt fields.

Surprising good signature capture, made even better by using a Pogo Sketch from TenOneDesign. Which is nice to see, as a lot of the other apps for the iPhone don’t support signature capturing.

It also features Authorize.net support, which doesn’t limit you to only being able to process credit cards on your iPhone, and has a reasonable transaction rates (unlike Square, which I believe sports close to 5%).

[ The Bad ]
Really, the only drawback at this point is the customizable receipts feature needs to offer more robust options, there’s no way to change the layout of it, you can only control what’s displayed in the header and footer.  However, to their credit the app features a web controlled back end for customizable receipts, which means no waiting for Apple to approve changes if they update the receipt options.