AT&T’s New Data Plans

Death StarThis is more of a rant than an informative post…

By now, I’m sure all of you have read about AT&T’s “fantastic” new data plans, offering such wonderful options as a DataPro plan with 2 friggin’ GBs of data a month! Holy crap!!

Did anyone see my data usage for last month? I’d be screwed if they weren’t letting existing customers keep their unlimited plans, but now I can never cancel and re-up with the same plan at a later date, basically locking me into the very contract I was promised I’d avoid.

The iPad is a fantastic platform to consume media with, I do so quite a bit while traveling and often in places that don’t have WiFi access or worse, charge for it. During the original announcement of the iPad 3G one of the primary selling points for me was the unlimited data plan, and before AT&T’s announcement of the their awesome new plans I was going to purchase a second iPad 3G for my wife to use, but frankly, 2GBs a month is in no way a ‘Pro’ data plan. I burn through that on my iPhone in a week, on my iPad in a few days. Really AT&T? You couldn’t at least top Verizon’s MiFi cap of 5GB? Now even though I admit I’m not a typical user, nor do I represent a typical users bandwidth consumption, I think we all can agree that these new plans are terrible. How can this be considered a competitive move in todays market, especially for drawing in new customers?

I love how MacRumors pointed out that it was previously thought that Apple launched the iPad on AT&T based primarily on the $29.99 unlimited data plan.

Apple had been expected by many observers to launch the iPad in a partnership with Verizon, but the Apple CEO Steve Jobs surprised many at the device’s January introduction by announcing that it would appear as an AT&T exclusive for 3G service in the U.S. Speculation centers around AT&T having outbid its competitors with its data plans for the iPad, offering unlimited data for $29.99 per month.

There goes that theory…

All in all, I’m concerned both as a shareholder and a consumer. This seems to be a major tactical misstep for both Apple and AT&T, am I just missing some massive piece of the puzzle?

Starcraft 2 For Dummies: The Big Five

Starcraft 2Its been a little over 12 years since Blizzard introduced Starcraft to the world. Besides making them millions and subjugating a small country, Starcraft set the bar for near perfect balance in a strategy game. Over a decade later a Starcraft killer is finally here, and it’s in the final stages of beta. If you haven’t been playing Starcraft in that interim decade, or if you’ve never played at all, these posts are designed to put you back on a somewhat level playing field with the world of Starcraft junkies that HAVE been playing the whole time.

Starcraft strategy is divided into two categories: macro and micro. Macro is concerned with your overall economy. This includes resource output, base building, unit building, and research. Micro is specific unit control. For example, focus firing key enemy units down, keeping your ranged units in the back and melee to the front, and using special abilities. For now, we’ll focus on macro. Continue reading Starcraft 2 For Dummies: The Big Five

Use Air Display Over a USB Cable

From the department of the less than useful, i.e. my mind, comes a hack of debatable usefulness.

Stepping back for a second, one might argue that this could come in handy for those who have crappy wireless networks or are working from a coffeeshop which has a completely rubbish network, as many do… But then you’d probably just switch to an ad-hoc network, nonetheless, I present for your general amusement, a way to run Avatron’s Air Display app [$9.99] over USB.

Things you’ll need:

Continue reading Use Air Display Over a USB Cable