Greatest Viral Marketing Campaign Ever

I stumbled across this post on and just had to pass it on. The marketing guys for Pilot Extra-Fine ball-pens had a fantastic idea to show off their product by creating a viral marketing campaign displaying intricate tattoos on a few LEGO guys (and 1 girl). All of these are great, but this first one was my favorite, click through to see them all in full size.

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T.W.I.S.T. for July 25-31

Welcome to TWIST for the week of July 25-31. NFL training camps have started, so we’ve finally got some NFL news to talk about! The MLB trading deadline also passed yesterday, so there have been a few high profile trades in baseball… ugh… baseball. When does football start?!


Roy Oswalt finally got traded out of Houston. The Phillies seem to always be able to grab the high profile pitchers on the market, and they’ve done it again. Oswalt then turned around and laid an egg against the Nationals in his first game with his new team. Lance Berkman has also found his way out of Houston, agreeing to waive his no-trade clause and ended up getting traded to the New York Yankees. Wow, the Yankees trade for a big name at the trading deadline… THAT’S never happened before!

There, got that MLB garbage out of the way. All the important news from the last week after the jump.

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