Affordable or Available?

I just recently bought a 32GB 4th generation iPod touch, and question I’ve pondered for a while came to the front of my mind once again…am I okay with buying this because it’s affordable, or because the money is available?

How do kids with zero income find ways to buy $300 iPods? (Note: I do have an income, lol)

When you really believe you need something, or you just really want it, you WILL find a way to get it. No matter how much money you actually have or can afford to spend.

This is the mindset that marketers want, and once they achieve it they can price their products (usually electronics) at ridiculous prices…and people will pay it.

When I went to buy my iPod, I didn’t ask myself “Is this an affordable price for a _____?”…I just asked myself “Do I have the money for it?”.

Was your last gadget purchase affordable? Or was the money just available?