1UP Yours on: iPhone Gaming

Last week I said I might post the transcript to the discussion I started on 1UP Yours concerning iPhone gaming. Eight days later, here it is.

The Cast

Andrew Pfister: Podcast Producer at 1UP.com
Garnett Lee: Senior Editor of Previews at 1UP and EGM
Shane Bettenhausen: Executive Editor of Video Games at 1UP.com
John Davison: Former Editorial Director of 1UP, co-founder and executive editor of WhatTheyPlay.com
Mark MacDonald: Former Executive Editor at EGM, former director at Gamevideos.com, currently traveling the world.

Andrew Pfister:
Free At Last asks, “Why do I keep hearing the iPhone mentioned in the same sentence with the DS and PSP? Do people know something I don’t? It’s a great conversation piece, and yes, people can do some pretty cool things with multi-touch and the accelerometer (i.e. Aurora Feint), but its still just a novelty item, not a true gaming platform. You can’t have a handheld gaming device without buttons.” Continue reading 1UP Yours on: iPhone Gaming

I got mentioned on 1UP Yours

Well, my question did anyway.

Once a month 1up.com’s 1Up Yours podcast runs a segment called 4 Minute Warning. A couple days before the podcast is recorded Garnett Lee starts a thread on the 1Up boards and allows users to submit questions. Out of the dozens of questions submitted, a handful are selected and given four minutes a piece to be dissected and discussed by the 1Up Yours crew.

Lucky me, my question got read.

I asked why the iPhone was continually equated with mainstream handhelds like the DS and PSP. The 1UP crew agreed that the iPhone has sold a crapload of hardware, and when some really good games were released that would mature as a gaming system.

My opinion still stands. Steve jobs doesn’t care about gaming, and Apple won’t invest any serious effort into making the iPhone a gaming platform until a third party developer makes a game that not only sells like crazy, but performs in a way that shows the iPhone can do things the PSP and DS can’t do.

If I get crazy motivated I’ll post a transcript of my question and their answers. Stay tuned.