The MMA Minute – Fighter Profile: Dan Severn

Alright, let’s be upfront about this. That’s a picture of a very big man in very small underwear… and I apologize about that. But Dan Severn is another very big name in the history of MMA, and he needs to be discussed. And the man wore short shorts in the ring, so there aren’t many pictures of him. So, we’ll tactfully move on from the discussion about short shorts and talk about the career of the great Dan Severn.

Severn was a very ‘to the point’ type of fighter. He wasn’t flashy, he didn’t do a ton of talking, he just got into the ring and used his world class wrestling skills to dominate almost all of the top fighters in his era. Even though he was a top fighter, since he was so business-like and not flashy, there isn’t much history to share like our previous two fighters. Still, he made a huge mark on the world of MMA, being  the first to really effectively utilize his wrestling skills as a primary skill set in the ring. He still competes in some lower class organizations and is one of only a few professional fighters to eclipse the 100 career fight mark, currently holding 94 wins. Continue reading The MMA Minute – Fighter Profile: Dan Severn