Hijinks Movie Reviews: The Book Of Eli

I remember being completely underwhelmed by The Book Of Eli when I first saw the advertisements for it.┬áMaybe I’m just not into post-apocalyptic movies, maybe I’m tired of the ‘last man alive’ type flicks… there just wasn’t much about this movie that grabbed me and made me want to sit down to watch it. But I had a number of people tell me that it was a pretty good movie, so I sat down and gave it a try recently and came away a bit surprised.

Here’s the release details, courtesy of Wikipedia, we’ll jump into my thoughts after the jump. The Book Of Eli was released in theaters January 15, 2010, and hit the rental shelves on Blu-Ray and DVD June 15, 2010. Beware of spoilers! Continue reading Hijinks Movie Reviews: The Book Of Eli