Hijinks Movie Reviews: She’s Out Of My League

Confession time, well, 2 things really. One, I rented She’s Out Of My League because Alice Eve is looks really good on the cover. Two, I have a very honest relationship with my wife, and I love it. While watching the movie, after the first few scenes Alice Eve was in, my wife turned to me and said, “She’s really cute! Is she on your list?” More on that list later.

I didn’t really intend to watch this movie until a friend of mine told me how much he enjoyed it. This particular friend is very conservative in his movie watching and it surprised me that he’d chosen this movie to watch… I’d written it off as just another raunch-fest that so many teen/college age movies seem to be these days. So when I sat down to watch She’s Out Of My League, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Continue reading Hijinks Movie Reviews: She’s Out Of My League