2010 NFL: Regular Season Predictions

First of all, happy Labor Day! Second, happy opening week of the 2010 NFL season. We finally kick off the regular season on Thursday with the Vikings playing in New Orleans at the Superdome against the defending Super Bowl champs. Here’s my picks for the upcoming season (Madden simulated picks in italics):

Division Winners
NFC West – San Francisco 49ers
— San Francisco 49ers (7-9)
NFC North – Minnesota Vikings
— Minnesota Vikings (11-5)
NFC South – New Orleans Saints
— New Orleans Saints (13-3)
NFC East – Dallas Cowboys
— Philadelphia Eagles (11-5)
AFC West – San Diego Chargers
— Kansas City Chiefs (12-4)
AFC North – Baltimore Ravens
— Baltimore Ravens (11-5)
AFC South – Indianapolis Colts
— Indianapolis Colts (9-7)
AFC East – New York Jets
— New England Patriots (10-6)
NFC Wildcards – Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers
— Atlanta Falcons (11-5), Dallas Cowboys (9-7)
AFC Wildcards – Miami Dolphins, Cincinnati Bengals
— Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5), NY Jets (9-7)

Conference Champions
AFC – Indianapolis Colts
— Kansas City Chiefs
NFC – Minnesota Vikings
— New Orleans Saints

Super Bowl Winner
Minnesota Vikings
— New Orleans Saints

**Edit** Here’s ESPN’s expert predictions, it’ll be interesting to see how I fare against these schmucks.

Prognostication 101: Man Versus Machine

I wanted to use this article to make some quick picks for the upcoming college football season. I thought it would be fun to see if I can do a more accurate job of forecasting than the NCAA 11 video game and since real life college football starts this Thursday, this figures to be a good time to do it. NCAA 11 picks in bold, my picks in italics. At the end of the season, we’ll compare and see who fared better.

ACC Champ
Miami, FL (12-2)

Virginia Tech (11-3)

Thoughts: Whoever comes out of the ACC is going to have a number of losses. Miami has 5 very tough games this season, 3 of which are at home, so I doubt they’ll only lose 2 games this season. However, I expect them to make another big step towards that return to prominence. I could see Miami taking this conference if things go their way (or even North Carolina for that matter), but I like Virginia Tech out of the ACC. They have the week 1 clash with Boise State, but can basically coast all the way until weeks 9-11, when they play Georgia Tech at home and then on the road at North Carolina and Miami, FL. How they fare in that 3 week stretch will determine their season. My guess is they split those 4 games and then lose either in the ACC Championship or in their bowl game.

The rest of my picks after the break. Continue reading Prognostication 101: Man Versus Machine