Alternative iTunes 10 Icon (OS X)

If you’re like me, you might not be sold on this new icon for iTunes. Don’t get me wrong, I love that they killed off the CD, but the new icon looks a little Windows 7ish in my dock.

This morning I noticed this new icon from Chris Carlozzi floating around on Twitter, which looks pretty sweet.

So I downloaded it and converted it to a .rsrc file so you can replace your iTunes icon with it on OS X.

You can download the .rsrc file as a .zip here. After it’s downloaded, extract the icon file and right click on it a select Get Info.

Next, navigate to your Applications folder and right click on the iTunes icon and select Get Info.

You should now have both Info windows next to each other. In the iTunes 10.rsrc window, click once on the small icon in the upper left hand corner (should now be highlighted). Then press Command+C.

In the iTunes Info window, click once on the icon in the upper left hand corner and press Command+V. You should now see the same icon in both windows.

Close out the open windows and start iTunes, and you should see the new icon in your dock. Enjoy!

Answer Google Voice Calls in Gmail

So you’ve been having a grand old time making phone calls from Gmail, but maybe you’re like me and you’d like to actual answer incoming calls in Gmail. Good news, Google’s got you covered and it’s really simple to setup.

Here’s how to enable it:

Step 1: Login to your Google Voice account.

Step 2: Click Settings, and select Voice settings.

It should automatically load to your Phones tab, at the bottom of your “Forward to” list you should now have a Google Chat option, just check the box next to it and you’re good to go.

You’ll now get a Caller ID like popup when you have an incoming call, and of course you can also answer the call from within your browser now.

Tip: You can also transfer calls from your Gmail to your regular phone by pressing * while in a call. This works to transfer calls from your phone to Gmail as well.

Tweak Windows 7

For those of you who used Tweak UI for the earlier version of Windows, here’s an application you’ll love that allows you to tweak most aspects of Windows Vista and 7.  It’s called Ultimate Windows Tweaker, and I found it to be very useful today while setting up a couple of Win 7 machines.

The 345KB application has a small footprint, and is contained entirely in the executable so no installation is necessary.  It also only displays options that pertain to the OS version your running it on.  Just fire it up, and over 150 customizable aspects of Windows are at your finger tips, no digging through countless steps to access them.

If you’re like me, and you want Windows to operate exactly as you want, not how Microsoft thinks you want it, you owe it to your self to download a copy and give it a try.