Saturday’s Shenanigans: Recent Entertainment News

It’s been a pretty slow week in my neck of the woods, there’s just not a lot going on in the sports or entertainment world these days. Here’s the bits and pieces I found worth sharing:

MGM is in a heap of trouble folks, they’re in such a financial mess that they’ve officially canceled the next Bond movie, and The Hobbit becoming a reality isn’t looking so good either, as it looks like they might’ve just lost Ian McKellen.

There’s some good and bad news for you in the casting department over at Marvel. Ed Norton won’t be back as the Hulk for the Avengers movie, which really sucks. Apparently Marvel just didn’t want to pony up the cash and decided it would be better to recast the Hulk for a 2nd time in 5 years. Norton was the one and only reason I had any interest in a Hulk movie. In other news, Kevin Bacon is set to play the villain in the upcoming X-Men First Class movie, which is a prequel to the other X-Men films.

So after all the Team Conan and Team Jay nonsense that NBC created over the course of the last year, and then the asinine decision made to let Conan O’Brien go instead of Jay Leno, might really backfire if things don’t pick up for Leno. Comcast may replace Leno when they take over NBC Universal later this year.

I’m not sure which is sadder, the fact that a “transient” 23 year old died in a movie theater, or the fact that the last thing he was subjected to was the latest ‘Twilight’ movie. Man, I wasn’t interested in this movie before, if it might kill me I’m definitely not seeing it!

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