So much going on!

So much going on indeed. That’s true for my life and the sports world right now. So without wasting any more of your time, I’ll jump right into it.

Red Sox win the World Series

First things first, I’m not a big baseball fan. But I do like to keep tabs on the season as it starts to wind down and actually mean something, and I check the scores throughout the playoffs. The Red Sox took 86 years to win their last World Series, and only 3 years to win this one.

The little I know about baseball, I have a problem with the playoff schedule MLB uses. They have a bunch of teams that are used to playing either every day, or every other day, and then throw in a ton of off-days during the playoffs. The Rockies were on an unbelievable win streak, 21 of 22 games or something like that, and then they had to wait 8 days to begin play in the World Series. 8 days! They hadn’t had anywhere close to that much time off since the season started. Boston meanwhile came off a series where their bats had just started to heat up, and made quick work of the Rockies in 4 straight games. I’m not saying Colorado would’ve had a shot even if they had been able to keep their momentum, but at least it might have been worth watching. I’m one of those ‘fans’ that didn’t watch a single game because I knew they never had a chance. The post season is simply FAR too long, and MLB has to do something about it. The Rockies are a young team and might get another shot in the next few years at going all the way, but alot of teams never see that second chance, and to take it from them because of a layoff is wrong.

And I’ve got another gripe (2 gripes from a non-fan… that’s strange). Alex Rodriguez used to be my favorite player, in the little bit that I paid attention to baseball. He was young, he had power, and a pretty good public image. Then he ran off to Texas for a huge paycheck, that he never earned, and ended up getting traded to the Yankees. Now I’m one of those 50% of fans that hate the Yankees, so I wrote A-Rod off my list simply because he was now a part of the Evil Empire. Well on Sunday, he decided to opt out of his contract and become a free agent. This is the part that is supposed to make me happy. Well, you’re wrong. He and his agent decided to break this news the night that Boston was winning the World Series. That’s just not cool. This is the World Series, the biggest event for your sport, and you decide to one-up it by breaking this sort of news. He said the news was supposed to break Monday and that someone leaked the report, but who cares? What if the Rockies had managed to come back and extend the series? You still would have been stealing the thunder by making this announcement during the series. If he had any sense of class at all, he could have waited and made the announcement at the end of the year, just like everyone else. He is becoming, or has become, the poster boy for everything that is wrong with sports.

NBA Tips Off tonight

Ahh yes, the NBA. I remember when it mattered, when Jordan was the king. Now, who really gives a rats behind about the NBA? Whatever the case, the season starts tonight. Although I really don’t care for the NBA at all, I have a few players I really enjoy watching. Kevin Garnett being the main one. He was traded this offseason as part of the Boston Celtics complete overhaul. Boston, in a single offseason, acquired the leagues best 3 point shooter, one of the most consistent and unselfish big men int he league, and completely got rid of any youth or future they might have had. I guess it’s all or nothing in Boston. Simply because they compete in the East instead of the West, I think they become instant title contenders. I think it should be very entertaining to watch them play this year, and here’s hoping KG can get a ring before his stellar career comes to a close.

Boston, Boston, Boston!!

Considering I live in the Midwest, I’ve written alot about Boston in this post. Well I have another story for you. New England is disgustingly good this ear. Their offense steamrolls everything in it’s path and their defense cleans up what’s left. I really can’t stand to watch them demolish everyone like they do. They continually run up the score (don’t give me the ‘they’re all professionals’ speech, it completely lacks any sportsmanship what they’re doing) on everyone. Two weeks ago, Bellichick put Tom Brady back in because they ‘only’ had a 14 point lead. This week, he went for it on 4th down TWICE on a drive and ended up scoring when they were already up 38-0. Why is this wrong? Let me tell you.

This is a league that prides itself on a competitive balance and a professional image. This league doesn’t let it’s players celebrate in creative ways because it “shows up the other team or the player you just beat”. Well running up the score is WAY worse in my opinion. If the player is doing something to bring too much attention to himself, like TO running out to the star in Dallas a few years back, that’s wrong, but something fun like pulling a sharpie out of your sock, or answering a cell phone you stashed on the field goal post, that’s just entertaining. I’d rather watch something like that after every touchdown than to watch New England beat everyone 52-7. The NFL has got to do something about all this, it seems very two-faced to me.

Anyway, the big matchup this week pits New England against the Colts. I, for one, will definitely be rooting for the Colts in this ultimate Good versus Evil matchup. So I’m picking the Colts as my ‘upset’ of the week (if you can call an undefeated team beating another undefeated team an upset), Brett Fav-ruh to become the 3rd QB to beat all 31 teams against KC, San Diego to pass all over Minnesota, and New Orleans to continue this incredible roll they’ve begun against the banged up Jacksonville Jaguars.

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