Meet Walter

This is Walter 2.0, my latest Lego creation. He stands 16.25″ high, and is 10″ wide at his shoulders.

I built the first version last Christmas when my cousins were visiting, I have since found a few minutes to refine the design. The biggest thing I’ve changed is I’ve added a central nervous system 😉

Walter the Legoman

What makes Walter so special, aside from the fact he can scare small children? Well for that you’ll have check out the video after the jump…

Walter is powered by a 9v battery pack located inside his head, with a power cable running down through his torso, where it’s split into two separate lines (one for each leg).

Each leg has a small motor located towards the top, running a pulley system which is connected to a wheel built into the shoe. I designed the legs so you could easily remove them, basically they just plug into the power port at the base of his torso.

To activate the motors, you simply push down on the top of Walters beanie cap.

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Leg with pulley system:
Walter’s Leg

Power Port:
Walter - Power Module

Walter’s Wheels

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