Mint Revisited (Build ph541.86)

I hadn’t even logged in to Mint at all over the last few months, but a couple days ago I decided to see what progress they’ve made since I last used it.

Right off the bat, I noticed they’d finally added support for brokerage accounts! Amazing! Only downside, the Add Account function doesn’t seem to work under Firefox 3 Beta 5, for shame!

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Though I can’t really fault them for not supporting a browser that’s in beta. So after switching over to Safari I managed to add my brokerage account with E*Trade, simple enough. I then waited 20 seconds for it to pull in my balance, wait a minute, what’s this?

e*trade balance

Yeah… that’s not my balance. Thinking it was just a glitch, I updated the account… Nope, still wrong. I waited a day and tried again, still displaying the wrong number. Umm, if anyone from Mint can shed some light on this phenomenon, I would appreciate it!

It’d also be nice if Mint allowed you to view the current standings on each stock from within the site, it currently only display the total net worth of the account.

They did add a much needed export transactions function, which allows you to download everything in a CSV file. Though the ability to import a CSV file generated by another financial management program is still absent, it’s understandable, as it would be a very hard feature to implement properly.

The Ways to Save feature is still mostly unusable, offering such sage advice as switching to a credit card with a higher interest rate for no apparent reason. Though it did find a Money Market account offering a slightly higher interest rate than my current savings account.

Over all, Mint once again has made quite a bit of progress, though it still has a long way to go.

p.s. The search function under transactions doesn’t work under Firefox 3 Beta 5. Boo!

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One thought on “Mint Revisited (Build ph541.86)”

  1. Hi Aaron,
    I’d be happy to investigate this issue. I’ve seen behavior like this before. Please contact me at atish [at] mint [dot] com, and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

    Also, you will be able to track your individual stocks very very soon with the release of our investments center.

    Mint Engineer

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