T.W.I.S.T. for Aug 8-14

It’s getting close to football season, we’ve got pre-season games… but nothing of any consequence yet. So we’ll make do with what we have:


  • I was just like every other football fan last year, and sorta dismissed the UFL as a passing fad, nothing but the next in a long line of failed leagues. But, they brought a team right down the road in Omaha, so I suddenly care about this young league! I’ve been really impressed with how the Nighthawks (that’s the team name, in case you couldn’t put the two together) have gone about building their team. The most recent signing is QB Jeff Garcia. At this point with the talent they’ve accumulated, I’d be fairly surprised if Omaha doesn’t manage to win the league championship in their initial season.
  • In the event that the NFL heads into a lockout next season, new Miami Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall has expressed interest in playing the NBA… and he seems serious about it.


The New Jersey Nets were purchased by Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, and he’s been determined to give his team a makeover from top to bottom. The team has applied to the NBA for a name change, which usually takes about 2 years. Coincidentally, that would coordinate nicely with the Nets’ scheduled 2012 move into a new arena in Brooklyn.

That’s about all I could find for you guys this week, just not a lot of interesting stuff going on at the moment, I just can’t bring myself to break down the NFL pre-season games. Real meaningful football, get here faster please!!

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