T.W.I.S.T. for August 22-28

You might call this the calm before the storm. This is the final weekend without actual real life, meaningful football on television for the rest of the year. The baseball season is winding down… there’s just not much out there.


The owners voted this week to jump the regular season up to 18 games, and to reduce the pre-season to only 2 games. I don’t really see how this works, it takes the coaches at least 3 games to really see what they have in the pre-season, this change could really cost some borderline players possible careers in the NFL. Looks like it’s going to happen though, so we’ll see how it goes.


Stephen Strasberg, pretty much the only interesting storyline over the course of the last month, has an injured elbow and has to go under the knife. Sad to see such a talented young kid have to deal with injury, but such is the life.

NCAA Football

Missouri RB Derrick Washington has been suspended indefinitely by the team. Apparently he’d been accused of assault, if this thing lasts very long into the season, Nebraska’s road to the Big 12 North title just got a lot easier.


Frankie Edgar showed the world that his first match with BJ Penn wasn’t a fluke and completely dominated Penn for 5 rounds. Randy Couture also showed boxing alone won’t translate into wins in the octagon as he polished off James Toney.

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