Entry Level Geek: ComicBookMovie.com

I know we just had an Entry Level Geek a week ago, but I was catching up on ComicBookMovie.com, and there’s been all sorts of superhero news coming up lately, so another edition was necessary. Here’s the best of what they’ve recently posted.

We talked last week about a tweet by Deadpool creator Rob Liefield:

Warner Bros. just trying to protect their investment. They don’t want Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool AND Green Lantern. Interesting 2 watch

Well it sounds like whatever hurdles they were encountering have been cleared. He recently posed this to his twitter account:

Woke up this a.m. to GREAT Deadpool movie news! Full steam ahead baby…

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Entry Level Geek: Fake Blood and Quantum Leaps

It’s been a few weeks since our last installation of Entry Level Geek, so it’s time to catch up!

MovieMiscellany has posted the recipe used for the fake blood in The Evil Dead. So if you happened to not have anything going on today, now you’ve got something to do!

My wife (of ‘Thoughts From The Better Half’ fame from my movie reviews) just recently finished watching the entire Quantum Leap series. Now Scott Bakula is talking about an upcoming Quantum Leap movie. It doesn’t sound like he’ll reprise his role, but he’ll be involved somehow.

The good news is that Don [Quantum Leap creator Donald P. Bellisario] is working on the film script and has a big time Hollywood producer who wants to do it … It’s about time. But what I always thought would happen, happened … [that he’s now too old for the role]. But Dean [Stockwell, who played Al] and I will have a part in it somehow.

Don did say that as he was writing, he told me he was having trouble, ‘getting you and Dean out of my head.’ But I know he will do it.

Click through the jump for the rest of the recent stories.

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Entry Level Geek: Rumors, Leads, and First Looks

The next few years will bring us the possibility of some of the greatest Superhero movies of all time, or it will all be an enormous letdown. Whether they turn out to be successes or flops, we’ll have to wait and see, but with all of them coming out within 2 years of each other, this leads to many rumors and possibilities floating around. So this is an exciting time for fans of these franchises. Comic-Con just wrapped up, so LOTS of details are being released about all these movies, so we have plenty to cover, let’s not waste anymore time.

We’ve got our first look at Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern! Cinematical says:

One of the more interesting things about Reynolds and this Green Lantern costume is that the entire get-up is being created with computers and placed on Reynolds after the fact. If you’ve seen images of Reynolds on set, the guy is covered in all sorts of dots and whatnot (see an image here) so that they can work their movie magic in post-production and provide the guy with his magic superhero suit. Will this help or hurt the production in the end? That we don’t know … yet.

I just don’t really get into the Green Lantern as a character, seems like one of the dumber superheros to me. The guy just puts on a ring and can become things… I guess it’s not the lamest idea for a super dude, but it doesn’t trip my trigger. I love Ryan Reynolds though, so I’m looking forward to the movie anyway. Some great tidbits about the movie after the jump with possible spoilers, plus info on Superman, Batman, Captain America… and more.

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National De-Lurking Day!

They say that 87% of all statistics are made up on the spot, and 63% of all those crazy holidays you hear about completely don’t exist. It may not actually be National De-Lurking Day, but we here at Hijinks Inc. are choosing to celebrate it today.

I ran across an article on this website and thought that we ought to have a day to de-lurk and get to know some of you who frequent our website, not only to make us feel better about ourselves, but because we’d like to continue to write about the stuff that interests you.

So here’s what we’d like you to do, we’d appreciate it if you would take some time and leave us a comment or two. We’d love it if you’d look over a few of our articles and comment on all of them. In fact, over the course of the next 30 days, each comment you leave (worthwhile comments only, don’t break a single comment into 2 or 3 just to up your total) will qualify you to win a $25 iTunes gift card. The more comments you leave, the more you’ll be qualified to win!

If you choose to add a comment below, don’t think of it as a favor to me but as a favor to everyone else. See, as much as I enjoy reading a comment, I can assure you many comments are added just because other comments preceded them.

In this vein, if you choose to de-lurk and leave a comment, here’s what to do:

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  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the directions to add a comment, or jump straight to this page to register for an account.
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Please don’t be shy. Care to de-lurk now?

Entry Level Geek: Marvel Comics Reading Chronology

I’ve been back here at Hijinks for just under a month, I’ve brought you The MMA Minute, T.W.I.S.T., Saturday’s Shenanigans, and helped to re-popularize (re-popularize? Is that even a word?) Hijinks Reviews of all sorts. It only makes sense that I’d squeeze in one more new ‘theme’.  I’m not sure anybody is actually reading these, but I’m still crankin’ them out regardless!

With that entry out of the way, welcome to Entry Level Geek. This title inadvertently describes the reason I’m here at Hijinks in the first place! Said nicely, I’m not at the same level of geekdom or nerdery as the rest of our terrific staff, you probably realized that after the first or second post I made. But they haven’t kicked me out yet, so I must trudge forward. Entry Level Geek will include an assortment of things but will probably center mostly around comics and maybe some rumors about upcoming movies based on comics (Avengers anyone? The next Batman flick?). I chose Entry Level Geek because I’ve just recently begun my trip into the world of comics, so I’m far from an expert, but I’m having fun taking it all in.

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