What TV Shows Are You Excited For?

Tomorrow brings September, and September brings the beginning of the fall season of television. Since I gave you the rundown of my summer shows back in June, I decided to also give you look into my viewing habits for the fall season. I’ve got a handful of shows returning from last year, and some new ones that I’m excited about. Here’s a list breaking them all down by night, all times Eastern, new shows in italics:

Sunday Night (New episodes start Sept. 26)
Family Guy – 8pm on Fox
Dexter – 9pm on Showtime
Bored To Death – 10pm on HBO
Eastbound And Down – 10:30pm on HBO

Quick Notes: I haven’t watched Family Guy on a real regular basis for awhile, but it’s one I catch every now and then, usually good for a few laughs. Dexter is one of the few serious shows I watch, and it’s really good. If you haven’t been watching this show go put it in your Netflix queue now, the first 2 seasons are available to stream. Bored To Death really only hooked me because of my desire to see everything Zach Galifianakis is in, but it actually got pretty good as the season went along last year. And then we’ve got Eastbound and Down, which hasn’t been on for a few years, but stars Danny Mcbride as a former MLB star having a hard time letting go of his fame… the first season was great, I hope they can reconnect and make another good run.

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