Hijinks Reviews: DoodleGeddon

Publisher: Three Sprockets, Ltd.
Platform: iPad
Cost: $1.99 [iTunes Link]
Release date: September 02, 2010
Version Reviewed: 1.0

When the iPhone first launched, a little company called Lima Sky created a monster with Doodle Jump, since then numerous companies have tried to cash in on the “Doodle craze”, very few of them offering much in the way of compelling game play when compared to Doodle Jump. Even fewer mimicking the financial success of Lima Sky.

Enter DoodleGeddon.

DoodleGeddon boasts that it’s a “…fast paced missile command style game…”. But is it? Well, sort of. It certainly is a missile command style game, that much is obvious. But the gameplay itself is horrendously slow until about wave 12, then things get a little crazy. While I can see why they choose to ease people into the game, it’d be nice if they offered different levels of difficulty.
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