Hijinks Reviews: Glyder 2 for iPad

Publisher: Glu Media
Platform: iPad
Cost: $.99 (on sale)  [iTunes Link]
Release date: April 1st, 2010
Version Reviewed: 1.01

I remember getting my Nintendo 64 back in the day and playing the 2 games I bought with it for hours on end. There was a snowboarding game whose name escapes me, and then there was Pilotwings 64. In Pilotwings you flew all manner of contraptions with the goal of ending up in the flashing circle at the end of the course. There was something soothing about gliding though the air on the hang glider, skimming across the surface of the landscape and performing gravity defying stunts whenever the fancy took me. I hadn’t even thought about Pioletwings for years until this past month when a new Pilotwings was announced for the Wii. Shortly after that announcement I played Glyder 2.  Heelooooo, dejavu. Continue reading Hijinks Reviews: Glyder 2 for iPad