Jailbreaking 4.1

I’ve learned a lot in the past week or two, a few things i’m going to share with you.

First off: I REALLY (really) hate Apple’s elitism in that they don’t allow internal modifications with any of their products

Second: Finding help for Jailbreaking an iPod 2nd Gen running iOS 4.1 is nearly IMPOSSIBLE! which is why I found the resources for anyone wanting to do the same.

This will work on iPod touch 2G and iPhone 3G running 4.1 and 4.0

If your iPod 2G is an MC model (look under settings/general/about/model ) you will be tethered, meaning you will need to be plugged in every time you start your iPod

Keep in mind this is a little more dangerous than some jailbreaks as it’s still in beta and hasn’t had much testing. My iPod is still running great, although it does seemingly run a bit slower especially on startup. The only other noticeable flaw i’ve found this far is some Cydia applications do not support the 4.1 firmware yet so they do not work yet.

Redsn0w 0.9.6 Beta 1


iOS 4.1 Firmware download


Jailbreak 101: Installing Flash on your iPhone/iPad

Despite Steve’s best efforts to murder Flash it still lives on, and maybe you’re one of those people who really wants Flash on your iDevice. Well, you’re in luck! Hacker extraordinaire, comex, has some up with a little something called Frash, which promises to bring Flash playback to your iDevice.

Previously you had to install Frash by compiling the .deb file yourself, but someone made a.deb and has added it to a Cydia Repo.

Note: This version of Frash will not work on the iPhone 3G. It should work fine for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPad.

Warning: This is an alpha piece of software which is being updated with bug fixes regularly, installing from this repo does not guarentee you’ll recieve updated versions of Frash. To follow the development of Frash and compile the latest and greatest version yourself, check out comex’s GitHub page for it.

Here’s how to install Frash on your device:
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Cydia Apps for iPad – Working / Non-working

Jailbreaking your iPad with Spirit is easy, one of the easiest jailbreaks I’ve ever used in fact. However, there aren’t a lot of apps that work on the iPad yet, which can result in totally borking your iPad and having to restore countless times. So here’s a list of what worked / didn’t work for me.

While SBSettings works, your best bet is to grab the beta version of it from http://thebigboss.org/betarepo

Working Apps:

  • Activator
  • Backgrounder
  • Clock Hide
  • CyDelete
  • iSteamy
  • OpenSSH
  • Rock app
  • SBSettings
  • Snes4iPhone
  • Veency
  • vlc4iphone

Partially Working Apps:

  • StatusNotifier [Status icons are displayed in the status bar, but the StatusNotifier preferences app crashes]

Non-working Apps:

  • Circuitous
  • Cydgets
  • iBluenova
  • Kirikae
  • Lockinfo
  • mQuickDo
  • Notifier
  • ProSwitcher
  • Winterboard

How To Run Cracked .IPA Files

Yes, this is blatantly illegal, proceed at your own risk.

The App Store is missing one feature which I deem key, and that is the ability to try applications before you buy. While some apps offer “Lite” versions which accomplish the same thing, I’d like something a little more consistent.

Enter the jailbroken iPhone solution.

Requirements: A jailbroken iPhone / iPod touch running 2.0.2 or 2.1

Stage 1:
Open Cydia.
Install Open SSH.

Stage 2:
SSH into your device. Default username is root, default password is alpine
Then navigate to the following directory: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework
Make a backup of the MobileInstallation file from the directory above.
Download the patched version of the file here for 2.0.2 or here for 2.1 (the 2.0.2 file might come up as a .dylib, if it does make sure and remove the .dylib extension after you copy it to your device)
Copy the patched MobileInstallation file into the /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileInstallation.framework
Set the permissions for MobileInstallation to 775
Navigate to /private/var/mobile/
Set permissions for the Applications directory to 777. Make sure reclusive is checked.
Navigate into the /private/var/mobile/applications/ directory.
Create a new folder named Documents in the /private/var/mobile/applications/ directory.
Set permissions to 777.
Navigate to the root level.
Open the Applications folder.
Create a Documents folder here as well. Set permission to 777.

Restart the iPhone/iPod.

Download an application from the app store (one of the free ones will work just fine)

Now you’re free to download and install cracked IPA’s! Obviously for legal reasons I can’t link straight to a source for cracked IPA files, but they’re pretty easy to find, just do some searching.

Firmware 2.1 Jailbreak

It’s been awhile since I wrote about any sort of illegal goodness, so here’s a quick run down on the easiest way to jailbreak an iPhone or iPod touch running firmware 2.1.

The process is certainly a lot easier than it used to be. Now all you have to do (if you run OS X that is) is download QuickPwn 1.1!

Oddly enough I had a jailbroken iPhone with 2.0.2 and I upgraded it to 2.1 and then used QuickPwn to re-jailbreak it and everything still works.

My next post will likely involve the morally black area of running cracked IPA files.