Jailbreak 101: Installing Flash on your iPhone/iPad

Despite Steve’s best efforts to murder Flash it still lives on, and maybe you’re one of those people who really wants Flash on your iDevice. Well, you’re in luck! Hacker extraordinaire, comex, has some up with a little something called Frash, which promises to bring Flash playback to your iDevice.

Previously you had to install Frash by compiling the .deb file yourself, but someone made a.deb and has added it to a Cydia Repo.

Note: This version of Frash will not work on the iPhone 3G. It should work fine for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPad.

Warning: This is an alpha piece of software which is being updated with bug fixes regularly, installing from this repo does not guarentee you’ll recieve updated versions of Frash. To follow the development of Frash and compile the latest and greatest version yourself, check out comex’s GitHub page for it.

Here’s how to install Frash on your device:

Step 1: Fire up Cydia, tap Manage, tap Sources, tap Edit.

Step 2: Tap add, enter repo.benm.at into the URL field, tap Add Source.

Step 3: Once it finishes adding the source, tap Return to Cydia, tap Done. Now tap  Search, then search for “Frash”.

Step 4: Tap on Frash (should be the top search result), then Install, then Confirm. The download takes a bit.

Step 5: After the installation finishes, close out of Cydia.

Step 6: Attempt to enjoy some sweet Flash on your iPhone or iPad. In my tests sites like Homestar Runner worked well, but Flash video was pretty much unusable. This is alpha software though.

How to play Flash is easy, just open up Safari, navigate to a site like http://homestarrunner.com and you’ll see a box like this…
Frash on the iPad
Just tap on it to load the Flash content. That’s it.

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