Prognostication 101: Man Versus Machine

I wanted to use this article to make some quick picks for the upcoming college football season. I thought it would be fun to see if I can do a more accurate job of forecasting than the NCAA 11 video game and since real life college football starts this Thursday, this figures to be a good time to do it. NCAA 11 picks in bold, my picks in italics. At the end of the season, we’ll compare and see who fared better.

ACC Champ
Miami, FL (12-2)

Virginia Tech (11-3)

Thoughts: Whoever comes out of the ACC is going to have a number of losses. Miami has 5 very tough games this season, 3 of which are at home, so I doubt they’ll only lose 2 games this season. However, I expect them to make another big step towards that return to prominence. I could see Miami taking this conference if things go their way (or even North Carolina for that matter), but I like Virginia Tech out of the ACC. They have the week 1 clash with Boise State, but can basically coast all the way until weeks 9-11, when they play Georgia Tech at home and then on the road at North Carolina and Miami, FL. How they fare in that 3 week stretch will determine their season. My guess is they split those 4 games and then lose either in the ACC Championship or in their bowl game.

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How To: Use Formation Subs in NCAA 11

EA Sports just released a nice little series of tutorial videos showing you how to use the formation subs in NCAA Football 11, among other things. In addition to the step by step guide, they give some nice scenarios when it would be best to consider using the formation subs. Video and links after the jump. Continue reading How To: Use Formation Subs in NCAA 11

Hijinks Reviews: NCAA Football 11

Mmm… football. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been looking forward to NCAA Football 11 since, well, since NCAA 10 came out I guess. After renting ’10, I was pretty unimpressed with the ‘upgrades’ made from NCAA 09, and decided to stick with ’09.

But when I read the ‘first look’ on ESPN a few months ago, I was instantly grabbed by this year’s edition. So many long overdue changes were being made, this really seemed like it would be what college football video games have been promising us since they made it to next-gen consoles. But does it deliver? Find out after the jump.

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How To: Load NCAA 11 Rosters With A Flash Drive

I’ve had a number of people hitting me up on twitter asking how to download the updated rosters without Xbox Live or the PSN. After searching high and low for the information, I figured it would be easier to just centralize it here. PS3 and Xbox walkthroughs after the jump. Continue reading How To: Load NCAA 11 Rosters With A Flash Drive

NCAA 11 Data Download Error

Hey guys. We’ve been receiving a great deal of feedback on our NCAA posts, so I wanted to continue to bring you the pertinent information as it develops. You’ve probably been getting that data download error before all your games, the one telling you that your results wouldn’t count towards your school? Here’s what happened:

Hey NCAA Fans,

We have deployed a couple of server fixes tonight that I wanted to make you aware of (as of Wednesday, July 14th 10:45AM Eastern):

1. We had to bring down the Season Showdown Servers due to a crash some people were seeing. What that means is you will see an error message going into and out of some (or all) of your games you play. This WILL NOT affect anything other than Season Showdown stats, so do not worry about the error. We will fix this as soon as possible.

2. We’ve had to temporarily remove the ability the create custom rooms in our Online Lobbies. Again this was causing a crash some people were seeing. We will restore the ability to create rooms as soon as we have a fix in place, be assured this does not affect your ability to play games through our lobbies so feel free to continue to challenge anyone you see!

I apologize for any inconvenience these problems have caused and assure you we are working on fixes for these (and other) issues for NCAA Football 11. Thank you for playing our game and we are working hard to ensure this is the best NCAA Football game to date.

-Russ Kiniry
Designer NCAA Football 11

So no worries, keep on playing. Happy gaming!