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You may recall a few weeks ago, our very own Frederick Smith wrote a review of Tower Madness HD, at the end of which he wrote this little letter to the developers:

Dear Limbic Software,

In your next update we at Hijinks kindly request you focus on fleshing out your multiplayer mode. It’s the best part about your game, and we really want another excuse to hurl insults at each other involving the pilfering and security of sheep. Add more abilities to hurt your opponent, like destroying a random tower, or sending a wave of stronger/faster aliens.
Most of all, please look at your pricing structure. We’re big fans of capitalism and making the almighty dollar, but if you price your product at the the same level with games by studios with bigger budgets and names like Popcap, we’re afraid your hard work will get buried in the every increasing avalanche of iPad games coming out. Try $4.99. Seriously. Try it.

Hijinks Inc.

I’ve underlined the important part of this letter. Why is this important? Because I’ve just been informed by Limbic that Tower Madness HD is now available for $4.99, yes, that just happened. Help convince Limbic this is the right price point and go download it, otherwise the price goes back up to $7.99 next week.

[ iTunes Link for Tower Madness HD ]

Hijinks Reviews: Tower Madness HD

Publisher: Limbic Software
Platform: iPad
Cost: $7.99 [iTunes Link]
Release date: May 21st, 2010
Version Reviewed: 1.4

Have you ever played a tower defense game? Yes? Great! I don’t need to write that boring explanatory paragraph, and you don’t need to buy this game because you can already download a hundred more just like it for free, right? Too harsh?

Tower Madness HD is exactly what you’d expect a close-to-launch tower defense game for the iPad to look and play like. You place towers on a grid by touching the screen and choosing your tower from a popup menu. You may wish to use the pinch gesture to zoom down from the default isometic perspective into a 3D point of view. The single player campaign has a good variety of maps. The tower designs are diverse, and they throw enough different enemies at you to keep you on your toes. Honestly, there is nothing inherently wrong with the game. I actually liked it. Continue reading Hijinks Reviews: Tower Madness HD