The $5 gets redesigned

Hot on the heels of the dollars decline The Bureau of Engraving and Printing has announced that they will releasing a redesign of the five dollar bill. You may recall that originally the five wasn’t going to be redesigned. But they quickly changed their minds once counterfeiters began bleaching $5 notes and printing fake $100 bills on the bleached paper to take advantage of the fact that some of the security features were in the same locations on both notes.

To pimp slap this counterfeiting trick, the government is changing the $5 watermark from one of Lincoln to two separate watermarks featuring the numeral 5. Also, the security thread embedded in the $5 bill is being moved to a different location than the one sported on the $100 bill.

Larry Felix, director of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing was quoted as saying

“We wanted this redesigned bill to scream, ‘I am a five. I am a five,'”

during a recent interview with The Associated Press. Alrighty then, Larry…

The next bill to get a makeover will be the $100. It will feature the most advanced safeguard yet, a new security thread composed of 650,000 tiny lenses that will magnify micro-printing on the bills to give the effect of having the images move in the opposite direction than the bill is being moved.

The government is only about one-third of the way through the redesign of the $100 and hopes to have that process completed by this time next year. Extra effort is going into the $100 makeover since this bill represents more than 70 percent of the $776 billion of currency in circulation, two-thirds of which is held overseas.

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