Halo 3: The Review

Alright, I finally pulled myself away from Halo 3 long enough to give you a few quick blurbs for a review. The game definitely pulled through in a few areas, but I actually think they could have done better in a few others.

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The Campaign

I haven’t spent TOO much time playing the campaign. Naturally, the game starts out where the last one ended… abruptly. But one of the areas I was looking forward to the most with this game (the 4 player online co-op) was extremely choppy. I don’t know if it was simply our connection, if Xbox Live was having trouble (which I know it was), but at times this game mode was almost unplayable. And for those of you that haven’t jumped into that 4 player action yet, make sure you play at least on Heroic, but I would recommend Legendary. Normal was just simply way too easy. In most cases, the bad guys were all dead before the 4th guy ever even got into the fight. The story seems as good as the others, so I look forward to working my way through it.

The Multiplayer

This is an area I figured I’d steer clear from for awhile till I got the hang of the game, but it ended up being what really keeps bringing me in. Every time I push the power button on my brand spanking new Xbox Elite, I keep finding my way into the multi-player. And for the record, I really like some of the changes they’ve made. In the lobby before each match, you have an opportunity to veto the map and game. If a majority of people elect to veto, you will have a new map and game generated for you. Hopefully this will eliminate some of the instances where half the lobby exits simply to avoid playing the map you’ve been handed.

On the other side of the match, it allows you to “buddy up” with your team if you had a good time playing with them. Now, instead of having to form a party outside of the matchmaking process, you can simply hit the ‘X’ button and it will place you all in a party. I found this particular helpful and useful in expanding my still pathetic friends list.

I have, however, felt that there is a very limited selection of maps. I haven’t looked into it too much yet, (and I’ve really only played Team Slayer) but it seems that there is only about 5 maps that the system ever picks. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe I just need to veto more! But I’m sure Bungie will bring out more downloadable maps before too long.

All in all, I give this game 9 out of 10. It’s a good game, but not the best game ever. Now hurry up and follow the crowd and go play some Halo already!

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