Week 3 in review

Yeah, yeah, this is pretty late in the week to just be getting to a review for the past week, but let’s be honest here, Halo 3 has a way of sorta interfering with, what you’d call, life.


Here’s my week 3 roundup

Week 3 was pretty much a scenario where the rich got richer and the poor just kept on falling behind. Pittsburgh, New England, and Dallas show absolutely no signs of slowing down. Indy and Green Bay keep finding ways to win. And where the heck did Philly come from? Donovan McNabb should stir up some trouble every week if they’re gonna play like that!


What the heck happened to New Orleans? I think that sometime this offseason, the NFL offices sent out memos to all the teams, telling them what would happen this year, and somewhere along the line, the Saints and Packers’ memos got crossed. While Green Bay simply looks better and stronger every week, the Aints just keep on showing new ways of sucking out loud.


In Kansas City, Dwayne Bowe is starting to look like the real deal. I’ve seen his last 2 games and he looks, to me anyway, like the kind of guy that can simply take over a game. He’s got that extra gear he can shift into where he just decides it’s time for him to impress his will on the other team. I’ve tried to pick him up in all of my fantasy leagues if at all possible, and I suggest you go do the same… right now!


And those Cardinals seem to always find ways to get into trouble. It was starting to look like they were on their way out of the cellar, a solid corps of young WRs, a good RB, an improving defense, and then they have to go start a QB controversy. Leinart was completely shut down by Baltimore’s defense this week, so in came Kurt Warner; and what happens, he practically wins the game. Now, word out of Arizona is that Leinart will continue to run the offense, but Warner will lead the no-huddle. The only thing that sentence means to me is that Leinart will still ‘start’, but after the first couple drives lead to punts, they’ll switch over to a no-huddle for the rest of the game. Stay far, FAR away from Arizona’s QB situation if you can.


For this weeks picks I’m going with Houston, Detroit, and San Diego to get back into the win column, and San Francisco as my upset of the week.

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