Week 6

Wow, time flies when you let it (that’s the key Fred, when you let it)… it’s already almost week 7 and I haven’t even posted about week 6 yet! So without further delay, let’s get it on!

Game of the Week

Minnesota 34 – Chicago 31 : This was probably one of the most entertaining games I’ve seen in a very long time. It seemed that Devin Hester and Adrian Petersen were just putting on an “anything you can do I can do better” contest. Every time Hester made a big play, Adrian turned around and outdid him. It was simply a matter of who could score last, and Minnesota was able to do that.

Quick Plays

Cleveland is really starting to impress me. They’ve topped 40 points a couple times now this season, and they consistently score well, even against solid defenses. Braylon Edwards is becoming a top flight WR in a hurry. The ‘Aints finally put a win on the board, hopefully Brees and Bush can continue to create plays and keep their season from being a total waste. The Patriots made it look REALLY easy against a very good Cowboys team. I honestly don’t see anyone but themselves that can keep them from going undefeated this year. And seriously… Atlanta on Monday night? Who wants to watch that, that’s the same as taking a car accident and broadcasting it for 3 hours.

What to expect

Week 7 is right around the corner, and since they put up 40 on a good Dallas ‘D’, they could probably break 60 against Miami if they wanted to. New England should roll easily yet again. Look for Philadelphia to kick Da Bears while they’re down. Brees and Bush should light up Atlanta, and I’ll go with Minnesota as my upset pick of the week.

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