I just saved hundreds of dollars on car insurance! – Updated x2

… But not with Geico.

When I first got car insurance I went with what my parents had, American Family, I paid like $25 a month for the piece of crap car I drove, then I bought a new car and started forking over $225 a month. Recently I gave Geico a try, had I switched to Geico I would’ve saved $3 a month… yippy! Next I tried NetQuote.com they matched me up with State Farm and Stephen from State Farm mailed me a quote the very next day, a quote which would save me $68 a month, fantastic!

So after checking with Travelers, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, as well as Allstate and getting mixed savings from $5-35 a month, I went with State Farm. Yay!

Switching would’ve saved me $116 a month if it weren’t for the accident on my record from 2 years ago, thankfully that goes away next year and I’ll be able to save even more, but even as it is, I’m saving myself $816 a year.

Update: Who says customer loyalty is dead! American Family gave me a new quote when I called to cancel my policy, they’re offering me better coverage than State Farm for $121 a month… So I sent that quote to State Farm, we’ll see if they can beat that, but if not I’ll be staying with American Family.

Update 2: State Farm got back to me, they upgraded their coverage to match what American Family was offering and quoted me $111.63

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