eTrade shows some love

After getting some serious cash money from Citadel Investment Group, eTrade is passing on the love by raising their interest rates, yay! While there is no proof these occurrences are anything but a coincidence, I don’t care, I get more money now.

Earlier this month I signed up for a fixed rate 1 year CD @ 5.10% (which was good at the time), then they dropped their rates to 4.70%, so I was pretty happy I got it when I did, and now they’re back up to 5.15% for the year term, I still think I did pretty good though. Anyway, today I signed up for a 6 month fixed rate CD @ 5.25% which is sweet. Assuming I have money left over after paying off my Student Loan I might consider grabbing another 6 month CD.

Also, they raised the rate on their Complete Savings back up to 5.05%.

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