Lexitron is back, and redder then ever.

Length: One round lasts two minutes.
Replayability value: Endless.
Who should buy it: Anyone who likes clever word games.
Price: $2.99
Is it worth it? Yes!

My favorite app back on Installer was a word game called Lexitron. The game was a modified version of Boggle, in which you were given six letters and asked to form as many words as possible within a time limit. The simple concept and great execution made it a fantastic game. When I upgraded to the 2.0 firmware, I was disappointed to see that Lexitron was no where to be found in the new App store.

Thankfully, Digicide finally got their copy of the SDK in the metaphorical mail and Lexitron is now available. This new version has upgraded (downgraded?) the previous silver accented GUI to what can only be described as a blaring shade of red. I live in Nebraska, the land of the Huskers, and even I can’t take that much red. In the old version of the game you could switch between vertical and landscape mode just by flipping the iPhone/iPod one way or the other. Not so in this latest iteration, but that doesn’t come across as a negative thing. The UI is obviously designed to be played in landscape mode, and the improved usability almost makes up for the color scheme.

At 2.99 Lexitron is a must buy. Don’t let the aesthetics bother you. the core gameplay would be fun even if the GUI consisted of neon green and taupe. We’re happy Digicide brought this to the App store, and hopefully we can look forward to more great games from them.

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Fred Smith

is the senior video games editor and is our resident grammar and punctuation czar. He prefers to define his career choice as “pending”. His hobbies include basketball, writing, and video games. He is employed by a regional chain hardware store as a salesman/peon.

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