Clearing up hard drive space on your Mac

I have a problem: I’m addicted to podcasts. From Diggnation and 1UP Yours, to Car Talk and A Prairie Home Companion, my subscription list covers a wide range of interests, and an even wider space on my hard drive. I have an 80 gig hard drive on my Macbook, and as of an hour ago I had 987MB free. That’s not good folks, that’s not good at all.

I talked to fellow blogger Aaron about it, and he suggested a few applications that would clear up some space without forcing me to delete any programs or media.


XSlimmer is a utility that removes the code for the Power PC architecture from all the programs in your applications folder. If your Mac is running an Intel processer this program is a must have. It can cut the file size up to 75% depending on the program.

It cleared up 3.48GB on my system.


This handy application deletes unneccesary language files from OSX and all the programs installed on your system. If you’re like most of us you don’t switch your language settings on a daily basis (today, I want to work in Norweigen!), so these files just take up space that could be used for something so much better. Like the dozens of pictures your girlfriend takes in Photobooth. You know its true.

It cleared 2.0GB on my system.


Depending on your level of geekiness, you may or may not know that your Mac runs on a Unix based operating system. You also may not even care. What you should care about though, is taking advantage of the awesomness of the Unix based optimizing and maintinence features your Mac comes with. Lucky for you, OnyX does all the heavy lifting for you, and performs these procedures in one fell swoop.

This cleared up around 50MB for me, but results may vary.

Hope these applications helped you as much as they helped me.

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  1. So apperently OnyX is only for Leopard users, but the other two work as far down as Panther… from what I understand.
    Thanks for posting those, this will help out allot.

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