Saturday Shenanigans: Recent Entertainment News

Time for your weekly dose of shenanigans. To start out, we’ll cover what is easily the biggest and coolest news that came out recently. Universal is planning an unprecedented feature/network TV adaption of the acclaimed Stephen King series The Dark Tower. I haven’t read this series, but my good friend Bob Sacamano told me that it’s pretty good. Hopefully they do it justice and it turns out as well as The Walking Dead looks.

Geek Tyrant links to an interesting interview with Marc Guggenheim at Guggenheim is one of the 3 screenwriters recently hired to pen the scripts for Green Lantern 2 and The Flash. They highlight some good stuff, but the interview itself is worth the read.

Pixar might be looking to jump into the superhero mix (outside of the Incredibles). has a story that Pixar is considering a CGI Doctor Strange movie.

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There’s some good info coming out about a couple of sequels: Mark Millar is talking about Kick-Ass 2 and there’s an update on the status of Zombieland 2. I’d love to see both of these movies get a sequel or two. There’s also some news out about Ghost Rider 2… not sure we need another of those.

In possibly the strangest news of late, Clint Eastwood has revealed that he was approached for the roles of Superman and James Bond. How weird would that have been?

Not surprisingly, Microsoft is still trying to develop that Halo movie that has been talked about for years, head over to Variety for the story.

And lastly, we need to mix in some TV news, SNL has confirmed the new cast members, and also announced that Amy Poehler will host the premier. Also, in addition to Will Forte leaving the cast, Jenny Slate will also not return to the show. I’m sad to see Forte go, but Slate was incredibly annoying, so good riddance.

In what could be a really interesting casting choice, the Ausiello Files reports that Robert Englund, or maybe you know him better as Freddy Krueger, has been tabbed to guest star in the Halloween special. He’ll play “Dr. Stanley Wheelwright, an evil scientist who can make your waking life a nightmare”.

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