Xbox 360: Nov. 1st Firmware Update

For those of you who are unaware, Xbox just had it’s mandatory firmware update as of the first of the month. It’s noticeably very different after starting the update. Once the first download finishes it restarts the machine and finishes downloading the update. While it does this you’re left to think about what you just saw and are left to see.

The starting chime and Xbox logo sounds and looks differently. You see from the download window that they also have chose a new look for menus and messages. Plainly put, it’s VERY white. I was in a room with no lights other than the glow of the TV and when this screen popped up I had to close my eyes it was so overpoweringly luminescent! The download didn’t take all too long even with my insanely slow speed and was nothing compared to PS3’s unbearably long and often system updates.

The point of this update was for their release of Kinect on November 4th. It gave it a similar look and feel while giving the ability for use and fluidity with it. Other reasons for the update was to improve audio quality for chat, connectivity for the Zune Music and Movie marketplace, and searching in Netflix. It allows the use of the new ESPN application. Then it was also to improve the general look and user interface, everything looks a bit more modern and player avatars look slightly less cartoony.

Overall, the look isn’t too bad and I could see myself getting used to it but it’s just so extremely white and blinding. The new sounds are actually quite annoying and I found myself wanting to pull my hair out while typing a long message. If this update helps improve some of the problems Xbox Live has been having though I’ll gladly get over my complaining

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