Firefox Live: Can’t Look Away!

Firefox Live
Get your cuteness fix again

Firefox has introduced something new in order to get more and more people to download and test Firefox 4 Beta, while at the same time bring in some support Knoxville Zoo. It is called and the main idea for this site is to show live videos of cute, little, fuzzy, adorable, beautiful, lovable, delightful, innocent, I-WANNA-SQUEEZE-THEM-SO-TIGHT fox cubs! Check it out for yourselves. If you don’t smile or feel those warm fuzzies inside then check for a pulse you heartless fiend.

Chrome For a Cause

The Google team has come out with an extension for Google Chrome to make  a difference in the world. That extension is “Chrome For A Cause”. It was released this morning (12/15/10).

Here is a quick explanation provided by Google: “Google will make a donation to worldwide non-profits on behalf of the Chrome community, based on the number of tabs you open in Google Chrome between December 15-19. You’ll be supporting charitable causes, just by browsing the web.”

This is a great way to help the world with doing nothing more than you normally would. So go download it now!

Minecraft Update 1.2.2

Minecraft just had it’s 1.2.2 update this morning so it seems and I just wanted to share a few of the updates.

For a complete list of the updates look at Notch’s (The creator) blog at:

General Fixes:

  • Players and mobs in lava or fire no longer spam sound effects
  • Zombie pigs and ghasts no longer get hurt by fire or lava
  • Zombie pigs eventually forgive you for hurting them

On Servers:

  • It appears the Nethers works now
  • You can use minecarts now supposedly
  • Sheep and cows now look like sheep and cows!
  • Buckets work
  • No animals setting

Now you can also add your own texture pack to completely change the look of the game by using an in game menu button.  You can place the zip file in the user/library/application support/minecraft/texturepacks folder like you used to have to do but now you can quickly select between them with the new Choose Texture Mods button on the main menu. I have placed a link of my favorite texture packs as of now. The two are lacking in a few places but I plan on combining them to get what i’m looking for.

My personal favorite texture packs:

Hijinks Reviews: Monday Night Combat

Monday Night Combat (MNC) introduces a new feel for a shooter. It combines the killing carnage with laughable dialogue and actions.

Ammo Mule

(Picture Above: Example of how MNC adds a comical look at shooting the enemy dead)

There are two game modes: Blitz and Crossfire.

Blitz is a local or cooperative game mode where the entire purpose is to protect your “Moneyball” from wave after wave of robots. The Moneyball is a large floating ball that sits in the center of your base or spawn point. You have three ways you can defend the Moneyball. You can buy and upgrade turrets with the money you get from various tasks. Secondly you can use the two unique weapons each character gets. Then lastly each character has three special powers designed to give specific advantages to each of the characters. Some advantages are offensive, defensive, tactical, and supportive which you can all upgrade with the money you accumulate from killing and helping out.

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Xbox 360: Nov. 1st Firmware Update

For those of you who are unaware, Xbox just had it’s mandatory firmware update as of the first of the month. It’s noticeably very different after starting the update. Once the first download finishes it restarts the machine and finishes downloading the update. While it does this you’re left to think about what you just saw and are left to see. Continue reading Xbox 360: Nov. 1st Firmware Update