Hijinks Reviews: Monday Night Combat

Monday Night Combat (MNC) introduces a new feel for a shooter. It combines the killing carnage with laughable dialogue and actions.

Ammo Mule

(Picture Above: Example of how MNC adds a comical look at shooting the enemy dead)

There are two game modes: Blitz and Crossfire.

Blitz is a local or cooperative game mode where the entire purpose is to protect your “Moneyball” from wave after wave of robots. The Moneyball is a large floating ball that sits in the center of your base or spawn point. You have three ways you can defend the Moneyball. You can buy and upgrade turrets with the money you get from various tasks. Secondly you can use the two unique weapons each character gets. Then lastly each character has three special powers designed to give specific advantages to each of the characters. Some advantages are offensive, defensive, tactical, and supportive which you can all upgrade with the money you accumulate from killing and helping out.

Gameplay Screen

(Picture Above: Players shooting at “Bullseye” (The team mascot) to receive money bonuses)

The other game mode is my own favorite, Crossfire. This is closer to your typical online shooter. It’s similar to Blitz in that you are to defend your Moneyball against the oncoming bots but on top of that you now must defend it against other players while you attack their Moneyball. This adds an interesting twist to combat as you now have to almost escort these bots to the enemy base, you don’t have to but it’s quite drastically harder without the extra help.

Areana Example

(Picture Above: An example of a typical Crossfire arena)

In summary I greatly enjoy this game and all it’s quirks. I would strongly advise you to look into getting it. The only downside I can see in doing so is that the game isn’t too popular and won’t have the greatest re-playability once people stop playing online but the game is going strong now and doesn’t take long to find a full group of 8-10. A playable demo is available for the game, it allows I think about 30 minutes of game play then upon leaving the game you must pay to play again.

Rating: 9 out of 10
ESRB: T for Mild Language; Mild Suggestive Themes; Violence
Publisher: Uber Entertainment, Inc.
Platform: Xbox 360 Arcade
Cost: $10
Release Date: August 11th, 2010

All images are from the Monday Night Combat information website at: http://www.uberent.com

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