Hijinks Inc. Minecraft Server Updated

I just updated our server with a few sweet new features.

Enter any of these commands from the chat window.

Player List
– Type /playerlist for a list of players currently online

Warp Zones
– /warp [zone name] to quickly jump to a location
– You should also be able to create your own warp zones by entering /setwarp new zone name from the location you’d like to set a warp zone to.

Here are the current warp zones:

/warp tower – Top of the highest tower

/warp fred – The First Church of Fred

/warp town – Our currently being developed town

/warp unionhall – Miners Union Hall

/warp unionmine – Union Mine

/warp docks – Boat docks (boats are in the chest)

/calvin – Calvin’s Beach House

Hijinks Inc. Forum is Live!

Those of you who pay close attention to the site probably noticed a little forum link showing up in the menu bar last week, but today we are officially launching the Hijinks Inc. Forum!

We here at Hijinks have been looking for more ways to promote user interaction and to give people reasons to visit the site more often, adding a forum seemed to be a logical step and we really hope you guys stick around and take advantage of it.

If you’ve previously registered for an account on Hijinks Inc. we’ve reserved your username for you, however you’ll need to reset your password in order to access the forum. Resetting your password does not change your WordPress password, that will remain untouched.

New user, or not sure if you have an existing WordPress account? Just register for a new forum account.

We played around with bridging the user databases, but it slowed things way down and was awfully buggy. So for the time being you’ll need to login / logout of the forum and the blog individually, using separate accounts.

If you have any problems, or have feedback, please let us know.

More ways to enjoy Hijinks Inc.

Word on the street is that there’s this new domain extension out there, .co, and that it’s the next big thing.

In the interest of being on the cutting edge of everything tech we’ve registered hijinks.co before our frenemies at Hijinks Internet Services could. Does that make us petty? You bet. But that’s just the way we roll.

And thanks to .co’s being $29 a year, pricing for regular .com domains has dropped a bit, so we also registered HijinksIncorporated.com. We’re just cool like that.

p.s. If anyone at Hijinks Internet Services wants to sell us Hijinks.com, we’re interested.

Site Maintenance

Just a heads up, Hijinks Inc. will be going under the knife around 12:00 AM CST. The site will continue to load, but expect random errors, jumbled looking pages, and missing content until around 1 or 2 AM

If you want an uninterrupted browsing experience, I suggest accessing Hijinks Inc. from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad as the mobile version of our site should not be affected.

It will be worth it, we promise.