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Quick Tip: Use AutoHotKey To Disable Your Touch Pad While Typing

Call it laziness, call it fat hands, call it bad posture, call it whatever you want. I’ve found on my latest laptop that the touch pad is either placed in an inconvenient spot, or perhaps it’s just more sensitive than my last laptop. Whatever the case, I’ve run into the trouble of the mouse jumping while I’m in the middle of typing; it’s particularly frustrating whilst blogging. Through the magic of AutoHotKey you can make the problem disappear!

I was browsing for possible fixes to this problem and stumbled across an old article on Lifehacker with this solution. I’ve now been using it for a couple weeks and it’s completely solved my problem. Before I get started with the quick how to, be sure to check your synaptics driver, it may have an option to disable the cursor while you type already built in. Go check real quick and then join me after the jump for the details. Read More