Jailbreaking 4.1

I’ve learned a lot in the past week or two, a few things i’m going to share with you.

First off: I REALLY (really) hate Apple’s elitism in that they don’t allow internal modifications with any of their products

Second: Finding help for Jailbreaking an iPod 2nd Gen running iOS 4.1 is nearly IMPOSSIBLE! which is why I found the resources for anyone wanting to do the same.

This will work on iPod touch 2G and iPhone 3G running 4.1 and 4.0

If your iPod 2G is an MC model (look under settings/general/about/model ) you will be tethered, meaning you will need to be plugged in every time you start your iPod

Keep in mind this is a little more dangerous than some jailbreaks as it’s still in beta and hasn’t had much testing. My iPod is still running great, although it does seemingly run a bit slower especially on startup. The only other noticeable flaw i’ve found this far is some Cydia applications do not support the 4.1 firmware yet so they do not work yet.

Redsn0w 0.9.6 Beta 1


iOS 4.1 Firmware download


Integrating WordPress and SMF

We here at Hijinks Inc. are in the process of rolling out a forum section to the site using Simple Machines Forum, or SMF. And while we aren’t integrating user databases at this point we did want to find a way to bridge some of the information between our WordPress blog and the forum.

Today I’m going to cover how we integrated the blog into the Who’s Online page for SMF with instructions on how you can do this on your own site.
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Axon Haptic Tablet Available for Pre-Order

For those that are daring enough to jump off the deep end, you can now pre-order the rumored Axon Haptic tablet (not to be confused with Axiotron’s Modbook) for a cool $750 . The capacitive-touch Hackintosh tablet boasts compatibility with Windows 7 as well as all Darwin-based OS platforms, including Mac OS, though on Axon’s website they state that Apple’s EULA specifically prohibits installation on any non-Apple hardware, though that’s certainly not going to stop anyone… after all, they call it a Hackintosh for a reason.

Some might believe the 1.6Ghz Atom N270 leaves a little to be desired, though it still has fairly decent hardware for a tablet. Specs include a 10.1″ LED backlit screen, 320GB HD, 2GB RAM, a removable battery, 3x USB ports, ethernet, card reader, VGA port, WiFi and for additional $70 you can add a Verizon 3G SIM card, and yet another $70 will get you Bluetooth GPS.

It’s up in the air at this point how well full-fledged operating systems will behave with the capacitive touchscreen, though I think it’s definitely a step in the right direction to bring more devices to the market as alternatives to the iPad that allow something more than a mobile OS. If nothing else, it might cause Apple to consider the possibility of competing with them, but then again, does anything anyone does really ever affect what Apple does?

For full tech specs and description, visit Axon Logic’s website, but see if I’m not the only one that’s bothered by the fact that they copied Apple’s top bar right off their website for their own….

Quick Tip: Use AutoHotKey To Disable Your Touch Pad While Typing

Call it laziness, call it fat hands, call it bad posture, call it whatever you want. I’ve found on my latest laptop that the touch pad is either placed in an inconvenient spot, or perhaps it’s just more sensitive than my last laptop. Whatever the case, I’ve run into the trouble of the mouse jumping while I’m in the middle of typing; it’s particularly frustrating whilst blogging. Through the magic of AutoHotKey you can make the problem disappear!

I was browsing for possible fixes to this problem and stumbled across an old article on Lifehacker with this solution. I’ve now been using it for a couple weeks and it’s completely solved my problem. Before I get started with the quick how to, be sure to check your synaptics driver, it may have an option to disable the cursor while you type already built in. Go check real quick and then join me after the jump for the details. Continue reading Quick Tip: Use AutoHotKey To Disable Your Touch Pad While Typing

Use Air Display Over a USB Cable

From the department of the less than useful, i.e. my mind, comes a hack of debatable usefulness.

Stepping back for a second, one might argue that this could come in handy for those who have crappy wireless networks or are working from a coffeeshop which has a completely rubbish network, as many do… But then you’d probably just switch to an ad-hoc network, nonetheless, I present for your general amusement, a way to run Avatron’s Air Display app [$9.99] over USB.

Things you’ll need:

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