Making a Phone Call in Gmail

The recently rumored voice calling option is already live on all of my Gmail accounts, not sure if everyone else is seeing it, or if users with existing Google Voice accounts got it added automatically. At any rate, voice calling works fairly well. Though in my tests people on the other end complained of frequent static even though I could hear them just fine.

All my out going calls showed up as coming from my Google Voice number, so I’m making the assumption that you’ll need to have a Google Voice account for this to work.

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Jailbreak 101: Installing Flash on your iPhone/iPad

Despite Steve’s best efforts to murder Flash it still lives on, and maybe you’re one of those people who really wants Flash on your iDevice. Well, you’re in luck! Hacker extraordinaire, comex, has some up with a little something called Frash, which promises to bring Flash playback to your iDevice.

Previously you had to install Frash by compiling the .deb file yourself, but someone made a.deb and has added it to a Cydia Repo.

Note: This version of Frash will not work on the iPhone 3G. It should work fine for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPad.

Warning: This is an alpha piece of software which is being updated with bug fixes regularly, installing from this repo does not guarentee you’ll recieve updated versions of Frash. To follow the development of Frash and compile the latest and greatest version yourself, check out comex’s GitHub page for it.

Here’s how to install Frash on your device:
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Jailbreak 101: SBSettings

So you’ve already jailbroken your iDevice and installed Backgrounder, right? Now you’re looking for a bit more awesomesauce?

Enter SBSettings. It’s one of the best pieces of software available from the Cydia store, and while incredibly basic it adds some much needed functionality to iOS. The big feature for me at leastt, is drop-down toggles for WiFi, bluetooth, brightness settings, etc. It also allows you to hide application icons, create folders (useless in iOS 4) and customize a few other minor things.

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Quick Tip: Use AutoHotKey To Disable Your Touch Pad While Typing

Call it laziness, call it fat hands, call it bad posture, call it whatever you want. I’ve found on my latest laptop that the touch pad is either placed in an inconvenient spot, or perhaps it’s just more sensitive than my last laptop. Whatever the case, I’ve run into the trouble of the mouse jumping while I’m in the middle of typing; it’s particularly frustrating whilst blogging. Through the magic of AutoHotKey you can make the problem disappear!

I was browsing for possible fixes to this problem and stumbled across an old article on Lifehacker with this solution. I’ve now been using it for a couple weeks and it’s completely solved my problem. Before I get started with the quick how to, be sure to check your synaptics driver, it may have an option to disable the cursor while you type already built in. Go check real quick and then join me after the jump for the details. Continue reading Quick Tip: Use AutoHotKey To Disable Your Touch Pad While Typing

Jailbreak 101: Backgrounder

Apple may have added multitasking into iOS 4, but it isn’t true multitasking. What if you want something a little more versatile? Or hey, maybe like me, you’re running older hardware which according to Apple “doesn’t support multitasking”, or even an iPad which doesn’t have iOS 4 yet. At any rate, I would highly recommend you check out Backgrounder.

Here’s how to install and configure Backgrounder.
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