Hijinks Movie Reviews: Killers

Tom Selleck is great in just about everything, and the man actually looks good with a mustache. Catherine O’Hara is always funny, she can steal a scene at the drop of a hat and always plays crazy and plays it well. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to pair these two as a couple was brilliant. They are one of those screen couples that are totally believable and just make sense, they’re that cool old couple that everyone loves to hang around.

Ashton Kutcher is a good looking man and does pretty well with the funny stuff. The more physical the humor, typically the better he can carry it. Katherine Heigl is one of those really regular looking hot people (that’s how I described her to my wife). She can be funny sometimes but she isn’t really a lead. They make a semi-believable couple, good enough for a movie like this anyway.

Ashton Kutcher can not pull off being an assassin. No way, no how, no in a million years. That’s just the beginning of what was wrong with Killers, notice how I spent the opening paragraph talking about the supporting actors. Join me after the break if you want all the nasty details. Continue reading Hijinks Movie Reviews: Killers