The 5 Best TV Characters Under The Radar

Last week I gave you all my recommendations for the upcoming fall TV season. The process of combining all the shows I watch into a single schedule made me start to think about all the great characters these shows represent. While everybody loves watching Jim, Pam, Michael, and Dwight on The Office, what makes that show so great is the cast of outstanding characters that comes along with those stars.

A great supporting character can occasionally go episodes at a time without any screen time, but then they show up and can completely steal the scene, even from the main character. It’s these characters that really make today’s top shows work, and I’ve got my 5 favorite supporting characters for you, in no particular order, after the break.

Top 10: Ideas For Beginning Bloggers

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I would like to start out today by setting the record straight. I’m not some big deal blogger that churns out real groundbreaking posts that continually make their way around the internet. For those, you’d have to talk to Aaron, he’s the head honcho that’s actually been recognized by one of the big time blogs. If you found this post and you are just starting out as a blogger, or are struggling for ideas, then I’m just like you.

Today marks the end of the 2nd full month that I’ve had a post every single day. I’ll be the first to admit that not all of those were great posts, but when you are starting out, you can’t expect to strike gold with every post. It’s about getting into the habit of blogging. With experience comes more worthwhile posts, and eventually, it all comes together… I’m still waiting for the whole ‘coming together’ moment with my own writing!

After the jump I’ll give you my top 10 tips for beginning bloggers, some relate to blog post ideas, some I’m still working on myself, but hopefully you find a point or two to help you get started with your own blog. I’ll also include some links to some other great resources that I’ve used. Continue reading Top 10: Ideas For Beginning Bloggers

Top 10: The Better List Of SNL Dream Hosts

In yesterday’s Saturday Shenanigans I mentioned a list over on Entertainment Weekly about 15 SNL dream hosts. Well, like I said yesterday, their list is… well, it was crap. Half of their list have hosted in the last 3-4 years, a handful are former stars on the show, and the rest are A-level stars that just don’t need to do things like SNL to promote their movies.

Now, I’ll admit, some of the people they suggested that have hosted recently deserve to stay on the list, they always do a great job, so every season would be improved with their inclusion, and I’ve included them on this list, but come on EW, that’s shoddy work, at least make an effort. And did you actually watch the shows last season, they were terrible! Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a terrific actor, I’m really hoping he ends up as the villain in the next Batman movie, but on SNL? He sang in practically every skit (kudos for trying, but every skit?) and just didn’t bring that many laughs. The best parts of his show were from actual cast members.

Rather than nitpicking every selection they made, I’ll summarize… most were not good. So here’s the better list of SNL Dream Hosts, after the jump. Continue reading Top 10: The Better List Of SNL Dream Hosts

Top 10: People To Follow On Twitter, And Why

I’ve had a number of responses when I told people I use Twitter:

  • What, why do you do that?
  • You hardly ever post on there, why bother?
  • What’s Twitter?
  • How do you know who to follow?

While it’s true that I’m not the most active of all twitter-ers (twits? tweeters? tweeties?) as far as posting goes, I use Twitter like many other people, to stay connected to people and things I find interesting. Twitter has become one of the fastest and best ways to stay in touch with any sort of news you deem to be important. If you don’t know who to follow, I’ve made some lists of the people that I follow, feel free to click here and check them out if you’d like. But if you’d just like a few pointers on who to follow, click through and I’ll give you my Top 10, and why I follow them. Continue reading Top 10: People To Follow On Twitter, And Why

What Apps Should I Download For My iPhone?

Lifehacker released their ‘Lifehacker Pack for iPhone’ this week, so I figured in honor of their list, we’d go ahead and compile a nice group of lists recommending you the best apps around. Whether your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is brand new, or maybe you just got a brand spanking new iTunes gift card and are itching to spend it on something, we could all use a good list to point us in the right direction from time to time. As you might imagine, there’s alot of crossover between these lists, so pick your favorite and go to town!

And of course, don’t forget to check out our growing list of reviews for iPhone apps, iPhone games, and iPad games. And as always, if you’d like us to review a game or app for you, just let us know in the comments. You still have a few days left to get yourself entered into our contest to win a $25 iTunes gift card!