Top 10: People To Follow On Twitter, And Why

I’ve had a number of responses when I told people I use Twitter:

  • What, why do you do that?
  • You hardly ever post on there, why bother?
  • What’s Twitter?
  • How do you know who to follow?

While it’s true that I’m not the most active of all twitter-ers (twits? tweeters? tweeties?) as far as posting goes, I use Twitter like many other people, to stay connected to people and things I find interesting. Twitter has become one of the fastest and best ways to stay in touch with any sort of news you deem to be important. If you don’t know who to follow, I’ve made some lists of the people that I follow, feel free to click here and check them out if you’d like. But if you’d just like a few pointers on who to follow, click through and I’ll give you my Top 10, and why I follow them.

  1. Adam Schefter: If you want to stay on top of what’s happening in the NFL, this is your guy. Very active, covers all 32 teams, delivers you the news as it’s breaking, typically before it ends up on ESPN or any of the other news sites. Great for this time of year with training camps and preseason games deciding roster cuts.
  2. GeekTyrant: If you’ve found my Entry Level Geek posts interesting (check them out here and here), you’ll love these guys. I’ve been following them for a little over a month and they always have great info on upcoming movies and all the other stuff the cool kids are into these days.
  3. Justin Halpern: Better known as s*#@mydadsays, this is one of the most consistently funny twitter feeds out there. Be warned that there’s usually strong language (doesn’t the name kinda give that away?). Hasn’t been updating much lately, but I believe he’s involved in the television show based on his blog, so I hope that his tweets pick up again soon.
  4. Scott Wright: The founder of Draft, this is the most in depth coverage you’ll find regarding the NFL draft. He’s active during football season, but he’ll blow you away with his coverage during the NFL Combine and leading up to the draft. Combine his coverage with Adam Schefter and you usually get the word on who’s selected next before it airs on television.
  5. Conan O’Brien: Conan began tweeting after the whole episode between he and Jay at NBC. He’s had some great lines about life, news, and just random nothingness. It’s a great fill-in for all the Conan fans anticipating his return to television on TBS.
  6. Michael Ian Black: I first was introduced to his humor on all the VH1 “I love the…” shows. He was always off the wall and was one of the few consistently funny people on those shows. You also may have watched some of his other shows (Michael & Michael Have Issues and Stella). He also tweets about a wide arrange of things, but of all the comedians I follow, he’s easily the funniest, except for maybe Conan.
  7. Nathan Fillion: Judging by the characters he portrays and interviews I’ve seen with him, plus his sense of humor via tweets, Mr. Fillion has to be one of the coolest celebrities out there. He just seems like a genuinely cool and fun guy. He’s also spearheading the “Double Rainbow” phenomenon, which has been hilarious. I guarantee you’ll get more inside jokes and catch phrases from this feed than anything else out there.
  8. Gregg Doyel: If you want sports commentary delivered with a heaping helping of snarkiness and a general disdain for humanity, this is your guy. There’s not a sports figure or celebrity he won’t lay into when given the chance, and usually with amusing results.
  9. Jeremy Crabtree: If college recruiting is what you’re after, this is your destination. He is all over it, one of the best guys out there when it comes to recruiting news. He covers the entire college landscape, so you have to really pay attention for news about your team, but he’s the most in depth source there is.
  10. I’m going with a tie for last place. I am a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan and for any of you out there like me, you need to follow FakeTomOsborne. For those of you with more of a national outlook, VeryFakeAlDavis. Both of these feeds are funny, but for very different reasons. The fake Tom Osborne couldn’t be more the opposite of his very conservative real life counterpart, whereas I picture the real Al Davis to be quite a bit like the fake one.

I’d probably get myself in trouble if I didn’t mention our very own twitter accounts. You can follow all of us: @hijinksinc,  @aaronnelsen,  @fredericksmith,  @ryanminert,  @theang, and  @sackdaddy.

What about you, who are you favorite twitter feeds to follow and why?

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