Hulu Plus Announced – Invite Only

Hulu PlusYes, you have to be invited (for now), but holy crap, the long rumored subscription based Hulu Plus is real.

$9.99 a month gets you access to full seasons of TV shows on all sorts of devices, support currently includes the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, some Samsung TVs / Blu-ray players, and various game consoles and set top boxes will be supported later this year. Did I mention it’s all in HD? And If Hulu can just get some current movies added in there Netflix might have some competition. And remember kids, competition is good.

Also, the only device I care about being supported is the iPad, I’ve been using Hulu on my TV for years.

Now what are you waiting for!  Hit up this link to apply for access and let us know if you get in!

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