Minecraft: 143,932 reasons why I wish I had developed it

The other day I came across several mentions of a little game called Minecraft, a Java based game you can play online, or purchase and download.  Not thinking much of it, I surfed on.  A little later on reddit, I came across an article on the games’ sales figures.  Hold up the train…

As of 12:05am on Sunday the 3rd of October, the website states that in the past 24 hours, 10,506 copies of the game had been purchased.

At $13.70 per copy, that’s $143,932.20 gross sales.

In one day.

That is all.

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Jared Burham

is a computer technician by trade, but in his free time a gamer, car buff, motorcycle enthusiast, horsepower junkie, and all around modern engineering and technology addict. He writes on subjects that revolve around his passions in life, including the integration of tech in automobiles.

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